From the Pastor's Desk

     “The ear that hears, and the eye that sees- the Lord has made them both” Proverbs 20:12. Yet, in our interactions we sometimes aske each other, “How can you not see it?” People often look at the same thing, yet they see it differently.
     Our Lord used parables to communicate His lessons. In the form of a story, people learned the lessons on proper behavior. Parables such as the “Lost Sheep”, “Prodigal Son” and “New Wine Skins vs Old Wine Skins” do not usually require an explanation. This parable about the “Sower and the Seed” is not one of our Lords easiest parables. The fact that there is an explanatory paragraph following the parable indicates that the first listeners had difficulty understanding the story.
     In Matthew’s Gospel, this parable is presented during a time when there was increasing hostility to Jesus and His message. The first Christians were trying to understand why so few believed in Jesus. How could it be that after hearing the message of Jesus, some people remained unmoved? Jesus answered the question by saying that not every person is ready to believe.

“Come to me…”

Prayer for Our Government
                 by Archbishop John Carroll *